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Since 2005, Jim and Helen Whitworth have provided free training in LBD and Other related disorders to assisted living, senior care facilities, in home care provider agencies and dementia care centers as well as family caregivers and support groups.

Although their primary audience is the multitude of facilities and agency personnel, they speak about LBD from a family caregiver point of view. It's what they know because they have been there.

Helen, a retired nurse, had her share of experiences during her career with dementia patients and family members working as a professional care provider and registered nurse. Although she, like may, never believed it would happen to her family, her nursing career had not prepared her for the emotional rollercoaster ride. She has seen and experienced it from both sides of the fence.

Jim's background had not prepared him for being a caregiver. Being a devoted and loving husband had but, in the end, his frustrations dealing with the unknowns led him to champion the cause of awareness.

Together, Jim and Helen are a dynamic duo. Their live seminars focus on:
  • Promoting awareness about the disease so family and professional caregivers have the resources to provide the best possibly care for their patients.
  • Advocating for early diagnosis of dementia symptoms so if the patient does have LBD instead of Alzheimer's, they will get the safest and appropriate medical treatment.
  • Increasing the recognition of the strongly documented links between LBD and Parkinson's disease. Early recognition and correct diagnosis means a delay in the progression of dementia and in some cases, even stopped.
  • Lastly, as caregivers and care providers, they understand the toll that roll takes on your personal health and emotional well being. Above all they know that "though the use of alternative therapies that can enhance the quality of life" extends beyond the patient to you.

The Seminars:

For Professional Care Providers:

If you work for a senior care facility or an in home care provider agency you will come into contact with Lewy Body dementia patients. You need to know what works and what doesn't.

General dementia training helps but isn't enough; you need to know about LBD's distinctive symptoms, medication needs and care. When your patient has LBD combined with another disorder such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, it is of utmost importance to understand how some medications that are usually safe, and even beneficial with those disorders, may be unsafe with LBD. This is where Jim and Helen excel. For several years now, they have dedicated their travels to providing educational seminars to caregivers.

In addition to current standardized medical treatment, learning Alternative Therapies, their specific techniques and application will aid you in providing exceptional enhanced care. We offer intensive workshops for the professional caregiver, the facilities and in home agencies that will provide instruction in the individual therapies. Check out schedule often for upcoming classes.

It will make your patient's lives more pleasant, their families happier and your job much easier.

If you would like to schedule a free seminar, please click here.

For Family Caregivers:

You probably know more about LBD than most staff in senior care facilities and agency personnel but you want to know even more. We offer three ways to educate and empower yourself.

1. Attend our Live Seminars to learn all that is available about LBD and other LBD Disorders

2. Sign up for our Alternative Therapies Workshops to learn these therapies, specific techniques and their application to enhanced care for your loved ones and yourself

3. Look in our online Book Shop for tools to help educate and empower you. We also offer books by Authors' Helen Buell Whitworth and James Whitworth especially written for caregivers;

If you would like to schedule a seminar for a family support group or care provider facility, please click here
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April 2, 2016
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