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Medication for Parkinsonís, Alzheimer's and Lewy Body is a process of experimentation and patience, as its selection and dosage must be individually tailored. As the disease progresses, medications and their dosages will likely require modification.

Tolerance to these medications builds with time, rendering them less effective and opening up the possibility of new side effects or unpredictable responses. Just like with medications, surgical therapies are not curative and often treat only selected aspects of these dis-eases. It is no wonder that an increasing number of those affected are turning to complementary and alternative therapies for help.

Emotional Benefit of Massage as Related to Dementia / Cognition:

People with dementia donít lose the capacity for human emotion or recognition of a caring touch even in late stages. In a study of elderly patients with dementia, researchers from Hamamatsu Universityís School of Medicine provided tactile massage therapy treatments to patients 30 times, for 20 minutes each, over a six-week period.  The objective of this study was to observe the changes massage therapy would have (if any) on the physical and mental functioning and symptoms of these patients.  The research concluded that CgA, which measured stress levels, and aggression levels, both decreased significantly. Therefore, massage therapy can aid in the reduction of stress and aggression in dementia patients.

Physical Benefit of Massage as Related to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Lewy Body:

The benefits of massage are recognized by many people with these diseases. Specific benefits may include:
  • reduction in rigidity and tremor
  • improvement in sleep
  • increase in daily stamina
  • reduction in anxiety
  • increased feeling of relaxation

There are several benefits massage therapy offers people with Alzheimerís, Parkinson's and Lewy Body, including increased body awareness and alertness, as well as a reduction in the feelings of confusion and anxiety. The therapist will also build reassurance and trust, and help calm agitation.
Massage therapy can also help ease the effects of isolation, loneliness and boredom while encouraging feelings of worthiness and well-being.

Understanding Special Needs:

In our workshops, Licensed, Certified Massage Therapists will be educated with a basic understanding of the disease process and the potential client that exhibits characteristics of the disease, such as confusion, disorientation, memory loss and personality changes.
They will be prepared for the changes that occur in a person who has a progressive disease with special communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal, and unique hands-on techniques.

Above and beyond the client, however, massage therapists will learn to work with the caregiver and understand the special needs regarding the emotional impact and stressors these diseases have on them.

The Massage Protocols:

The uses of essential oils are vast and represent a well-documented model for improving overall health, for both the novice user and the educated expert.

Widespread acceptance of essential oils, both within and without the scientific community, has led many to choose this more natural approach to healing and prevention. Essential oils of a therapeutic quality  play a leading role in positive health choices.

Our workshops will include specific massage techniques using therapeutic quality essential oils, oils designed to achieve optimal positive results. The therapies will include; Full Body Massage using specific techniques, Hand Massage (Touch Therapy) using specific techniques and Foot Massage including lower extremities also using specific techniques.
PLEASE NOTE: These statements and therapies have not been evaluated by the FDA as medical treatment or cure for any disease and are provided as a possible additions to current medical treatment to enhance quality of life and comfort. This information is based on research, studies, observations and experienced use by therapists, physicians, caregivers and their patients / loved ones. Many physicians are in favor of the use of these alternative therapies. Some are not. We recommend discussing any therapies you are considering with your physician, make an effort to partner with him / her in their use before starting. Ultimately the decision is yours.
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