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April 2, 2016
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SECTION ONE: Learning About Lewy
Chapter 1    The Lewy Body Family
Chapter 2    Other Related Disorders
Chapter 3    LBD Risk Factors
Chapter 4    Parkinson's Disease
Chapter 5    Mild Cognitive Impairment - LB
Chapter 6    REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (Active Dreams)
Chapter 7    Mood Disorders
Chapter 8    Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunctions
Chapter 9    The Problem with Drugs
Chapter 10    Early Signs of LBD
Chapter 11    Hallucinations and Illusions
Chapter 12    Delusions
Chapter 13    Fluctuating Abilities and Symptoms

SECTION TWO:  Taking Control
Chapter 14    Getting the Right Diagnosis
Chapter 15    The Grieving Process
Chapter 16    Choosing Acceptance
Chapter 17    Medical, Legal and Financial Choices

Chapter 18    The Stress Process
Chapter 19    Changing the Environment
Chapter 20    Preserving Familiarity
Chapter 21    Changing the Body's Responses

SECTION FOUR: Communication
Chapter 22    Communication Altering Symptoms
Chapter 23    Communication Methods
Chapter 24    Better Communication, Less Stress

SECTION FIVE:  Building and Maintaining Reserves
Chapter 25    A Healthy Diet
Chapter 26    Physical Exercise
Chapter 27    Exercising Your Brain
Chapter 28    Being Social
Chapter 29    Putting It All Together
Chapter 30    Weight Management
Chapter 31    Sleep
Chapter 32    Fluids
Chapter 33    Smoking and Alcohol

SECTION SIX:  Alternative Therapies
Chapter 34    Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
Chapter 35    Music Therapy
Chapter 36    Professional Counseling
Chapter 37    Spirituality
Chapter 38    Aromatherapy
Chapter 39    Pet Therapy
Chapter 40    Touch Therapy

SECTION SEVEN:  Your Support System
Chapter 41    Support Groups
Chapter 42    Family and Friends
Chapter 43    Community and Internet Support

SECTION EIGHT:  A Lewy-Friendly Home
Chapter 44    Decisions About Where to Live
Chapter 45    Staying At Home
Chapter 46    Long Term Care

SECTION NINE:  Getting One With Life
Chapter 47    Adapting Without Giving Up
Chapter 48    Travel
Chapter 49    To Drive or Not to Drive
Chapter 50    Staying Active

SECTION TEN:  Especially for the Care Partner
Chapter 51    Rule Changes
Chapter 52    Character Changes
Chapter 53    Being an Advocate
Chapter 54    Caregiver Care
Chapter 55    What If the Bottom Drops Out?




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