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Studies have shown that working puzzles is a form of mental activity that not only engages and stimulates Alzheimer's patients, it also slows down the progression of the disease and thus provides important salutary benefits. This is very important for patients in the early stages of the disease, including those who have not yet been diagnosed.

For these people, the working of puzzles and similar mental activities can significantly postpone the onset of symptoms or avoid these symptoms altogether. Painting and other forms of artistic and creative expression also have strong, beneficial effects, and often result in improvement in overall brain function.

Our Puzzles can take on a whole new meaning. Over time, we will add imagery to the collection that is designed to aid in memory retention and recall  and relax the brain and body. We will also be able to provide print on demand using a picture of a patients family or self portrait or perhaps a special place they visited that has special meaning.

From the sale of special puzzles created for dementia patients, you become a part of an organization providing financial support to charitable groups and care facilities that support loved ones fighting dementia.
PLEASE NOTE: These statements and therapies have not been evaluated by the FDA as medical treatment or cure for any disease and are provided as a possible additions to current medical treatment to enhance quality of life and comfort. This information is based on research, studies, observations and experienced use by therapists, physicians, caregivers and their patients / loved ones. Many physicians are in favor of the use of these alternative therapies. Some are not. We recommend discussing any therapies you are considering with your physician, make an effort to partner with him / her in their use before starting. Ultimately the decision is yours.
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