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Integrative Therapy (also known as Complementary Medicine) is a harmonious blending of traditional / standardized medical treatments with alternative therapies. Alternative Therapies are not designed to eliminate or replace traditional treatment for Dementia or any other terminal disease, rather, they have been shown to assist or enhance traditional treatment while providing emotional, physical and spiritual comfort to patient and caregivers.

Tolerance to standard medications builds with time, rendering them less effective and opening up the possibility of new side effects or unpredictable responses. Just like with medications, surgical therapies are not curative and often treat only selected aspects of a disease. It is no wonder that an increasing number of those affected with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Lewy Body or other forms of dementia, are turning to complementary and alternative therapies for help.

Caregivers are in a unique position as often the relief / results from the therapies they choose to use for their personal benefit have profound impact on those for which they care and, in using alternative therapies on their patients, can, in some cases, impact the caregiver on a psychological, emotional and spiritual basis.

The Alternative choices we are showcasing are tools that have been proven to be highly effective. We have reached out to industry experts to design dis-ease specific protocols for the patient and additional stress management protocols specific to the caregivers. These protocols will be taught in our workshops by certified therapists to both professional and family caregivers.
Essential Oils were mankind's first medicine. They are the oldest and some of the most powerful therapeutic agents know to man. Historically, they span centuries of use in healing, therapy, and religious ritual throughout the ancient world. read more ...
The benefits of massage are recognized universally as one of the premiere stress reducers. Physiologically, the body is positively impacted through the release of chemicals in the brain that promote relaxation. Caregiver and / or loved ones will quickly recognize the vast benefit physically, emotionally and spiritually... read more ...
Binural Beats and beautiful music designed to improve memory, recall and retention
The body and mind's response to sound, vibration and tone has long been recorded. Specific frequencies have positive affects on the central nervous system as well as the cognitive hemisphere in the brain. ... read more ...
Art Therapy engages attention, provides pleasure, and improves social behavior, and self-esteem while alleviating some neurological symptoms in patients and stress in caregivers. Found to be a form of communication for many, Art Therapy proves to be relaxing and stimulating at the same time ... read more ...
Fractal Therapy engages the brain promoting chemical releases that produce a relaxation response. Fractals are found in nature. Fractals promote a balancing effect on the brain producing a grounding sensation while enhancing focus. Fractals are often used in behavior modification, ADD and ADHD therapy and have been found to be effective in dementia patients. read more ...
Studies have shown that working puzzles is a form of mental activity that not only engages and stimulates dementia patients, it also slows down the progression of the disease and thus provides important salutary benefits. . read more ...
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PLEASE NOTE: These statements and therapies have not been evaluated by the FDA as medical treatment or cure for any disease and are provided as a possible additions to current medical treatment to enhance quality of life and comfort. This information is based on research, studies, observations and experienced use by therapists, physicians, caregivers and their patients / loved ones. Many physicians are in favor of the use of these alternative therapies. Some are not. We recommend discussing any therapies you are considering with your physician, make an effort to partner with him / her in their use before starting. Ultimately the decision is yours.
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April 2, 2015
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