Can you possibly image a world without smell? I suppose if it's a really stinky thing, that would be fine but wouldn't you miss the aroma of an orange or puppy breath or freshly mowed grass?

The sense of smell is our most primal, and it exerts a powerful influence over our thoughts, emotions, moods memories and behaviors. This sense is far more complex than sight and we are ten thousand times more capable of smelling than tasting.

Smell can be used beneficially in healing efforts. We experience smells long before words. Whether for relieving stress, stabilizing moods, improving sleep, eliminating pain or improving memory and energy levels, scents can actually change nervous system biochemistry.


In Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils can create systemic (whole body) or localized (targeted) therapeutic effects. The general methods of application of Essential Oils are; Aromatic, Topical or Internal.

Aromatic and Internal applications generally result in systemic or whole body effects. Topical application will generally produce localized or targeted effects but can produce some level of whole body effect.  Either way, the effects of essential oils can be positive in providing the body with the support needed to alleviate the emergence of  the most common issues in dementia and related disorders; depression and anxiety.

Essential Oils can facilitate a rapid emotional response in the brain and body. They are powerful biochemical agents for emotional balance and wellness and toxic release which can be pared or partnered with any holistic or medically derived program to create a successful approach to mental, physical and emotional wellness.

We have researched a host of essential oils on the market and have discovered one very important point … available products described as essential oils are NOT alike. Many contain only 1% essential oil and most contain alcohol and other chemicals.

For the sake of safety, I will offer this and reiterate; Essential Oil brands are NOT alike. It is of PARAMOUNT importance you read labels before purchasing. A great general rule of thumb to follow, when it comes to essential oils is, if there is not a nutritional label on the bottle, do not purchase it. If it isn't safe to put in your mouth, it isn't any safer putting it on the skin.

We don't stop there because we understand there are a host of issues caregivers deal with on a daily basis. We have compiled the top three issues caregivers deal with relating to 11 different dementias and disorders, the recommended Essential Oils to use and how to apply them for the maximum, beneficial results. We have chosen the purest oils available with the highest therapeutic benefits possible to suggest for use in our therapies. Working with our Certified Aromatherapist, we have also developed a selection of proprietary blends of Essential Oils designed to lift spirits, clear the mind, improve focus, increase energy levels, create relaxed and restful sleep, eliminate anxiety, and more. You will find these recipes in our booklet (free for download below); "Essential Oils for Dementia Care - a guide for use with symptoms and issues"

Non-Drug Options (ND):

Alternative Therapies (AT):

The LBDtools Learning Center
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The Disorders
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The Dementia's
Being a Responsive Care Partner


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Get all four Award Winning books written by The Whitworth's, two of the most knowledgeable laymen of Lewy Body Disorders (LBD).

Their newest book, Responsive Dementia Care: Fewer Behaviors Fewer Drugs provides family and professional caregivers with tools for dealing with difficult dementia-related behaviors.

Managing Cognitive Issues in Parkinson's & Lewy Body Dementia provides an overview of symptoms that can go  into LBD and information on how to deal with them.

A Caregiver's Guide to Lewy Body Dementia is the first caregiver-oriented book to provide a thorough picture of the disease and is FREE with the purchase of this special.

Lewy Body Dementia Manual for Staff: An UPDATED Manual for Staff that makes a great gift for your home helper or care facility staff.

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