Non Drug Options

Non-Drug Options (ND):

Experts agree that, "with LBD's all too common behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD), "non-drug options should always be tried first." [1]

This is not necessarily a second best choice, used only because of a possible conflict between the drugs and LBD. Using these options can often not only decrease the need for drugs but increase quality of life.

Non-drug options usually do take more time and effort than popping a pill, but the rewards can be greater too, especially when they decrease BPSD with little if any side effects.

Stress Management

While stress does not cause LBD symptoms, it does lower the person's stress threshold and makes the symptoms more likely. The goal of most Alternative therapies and other non-drug options is to keep stress minimal, and improve personal resources for managing the stress that does occur. Stress can be physical, mental or emotional, or as is often the case, a combination.

Responsive Care Partnering

Responsive Care Partnering (RCP) is both a way of caregiving and a form of stress management. When a person feels heard, respected and understood, there is less frustration--for all involved--and less stress. When non-drug options involving RCP techniques are used, this will be pointed out. For more information about RCP, click here. 

Non-drug options can be divided into:

  • Alternative therapies, defined as those "not taught in traditional medical schools."
  • Other non-drug options, including a wide variety of practices, methods and skills, most of which work to manage or decrease stress.

Other Non-Drug Options

There are a multitude of non-drug options beside Alternative therapies. Most help the care partner prevent symptoms related to stress, anxiety and mood disorders. You probably already use some. Try some others and find out what works well with your loved one..

  • Rehabilitation therapies provide help with relearning, adapting and adjusting.
  • Healthy living practices keep the body in the best condition as possible.
  • Preventative measures eliminate sources of stress before they occur.
  • Enhancing activities are emotionally and mentally restorative.
  • Engagement skills promote less stressful communication.

A Dutch village incorporates a variety of non-drug options to keep residents more comfortable ... resulting in fewer dementia symptoms. from CNN, ibnnewslive007.

Other Non-Drug Options:

Alternative Therapies:

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