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Why a Digestive Cleanse and Nutritional Supplements?

Your gut is literally your second brain, created from the identical tissue as your brain during gestation, and contains larger amounts of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is associated with mood control. It's important to understand that your gut bacteria are an active and integrated part of your body, and as such are heavily dependent on your diet, vulnerable to your lifestyle and disrupted by pharmaceuticals.

Recent research indicates that; physical and psychological stressors, environmental toxins, medications, processed foods, sugars and more increase inflammation in the gut. This inflammation will interfere with the signals transmitted to the brain.

Depression is often found alongside gastrointestinal inflammations and autoimmune diseases as well as with cardiovascular diseases, neuro-degenerative diseases, type 2-diabetes and cancer.

A gentle Digestive Cleanse will tackle gut inflammation and eliminate many of the toxins residing there allowing the good bacteria to flourish and aid in the increased production of serotonin and the uptake of much needed whole food nutrients … naturally. This helps to retrain the body's systems filters to function normally once again.

Whole Food Nutrition is Extremely Important.

An increasing number of clinical studies have shown that treating gastrointestinal inflammations with probiotics, vitamin B, D and omega 3 fatty acids, through attenuating pro inflammatory stimuli to brain, may also improve depression symptoms and quality of life.

According to a study (2015/8) run by the Mental Health Center of Kayseri Education and Research Hospital, obesity ran at a higher than normal rate among depressed patients, dementia sufferers and caregivers and essential vitamin / mineral / fatty acid levels were much lower as well as the ability to uptake nutrients.

Depression, anxiety, stress all take a physical toll on the body. The first order is to help bring body systems back into balance.

A Digestive Cleanse and Nutritional Supplement Plan for both Patient and Caregiver:

Over the counter vitamin supplements often contain high levels of sugars, fillers and other substances. Most digestive cleanses strip the intestine of good bacteria stetting the stage for more issues. Our Alternative Therapy Consultant recommends a gentle digestive cleanse and nutritional supplement program made of all natural pure whole food ingredients. These supplements contain:

  •  A balanced blend of essential antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, an energy complex of B vitamins, and 800 IU of vitamin D, readily absorb-able minerals including calcium, magnesium, and zinc, as well as organic trace minerals for optimal bone and metabolic health, a unique blend of health-promoting polyphenols from a wide variety of some of the healthiest fruits and vegetables, a unique whole food blend of vegetable powders from some of the healthiest vegetables, including the cruciferous vegetables and a botanical blend of pure plant extracts to help calm the stomach for those who may have experienced stomach upset with other vitamin and mineral products.
  • In addition, a proprietary blend of therapeutic quality essential oils, plant and algae-sourced omega fatty acids that can help support joint, cardiovascular, and brain health; as well as healthy immune system function.*

If you would like more information about this recommended digestive cleanse and nutritional supplements, please fill in the form below and our Consultant will be happy to provide you with research and information.

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