Care Partners of loved ones with DLB

Care Partners Booklets

Written by and for Care Partners of people with Lewy body dementia
And all others who are now or who have been in the grips of Lewy body dementia.

The Authors:

Rosemary Dawson, Pat Snyder & Jeff Maruna

We dedicate these guides to our Spouses

Lilburn Dawson (1939 ─ 2014)

John Snyder (1939 ─ 2015)

Kathy Maruna

Authors, Rosemary Dawson, Pat Snyder and Jeff Maruna

Care Partner’s Role in Medication for Loved Ones with Dementia with Lewy Bodies 

by Rosemary Dawson

"I know you wrote the article for a target audience of individuals caring for loved ones with DLB, but I think it is a great article for anyone taking care of themselves or a loved one with multiple medications."

Pharmacist in a large teaching hospital

Being an Engaged Care Partner ...A Guide for Spouses of People with Lewy Body Dementia 

by Rosemary Dawson,Jeff Maruna and Pat Snyder.

"Written especially for spouses of people with LBD, but excellent advice for anyone dealing with a debilitating illness."

Author, Helen Whitworth"A Caregiver’s Guide to Lewy Body Dementia"

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Being a Responsive Care Partner
LBD Trio Pack

A Special Caregiver's Offer!

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The Caregivers Guide to Lewy Body Dementia by award winning authors Helen and James Whitworth is the first book to present a thorough picture of Lewy body dementia in everyday language.

Responsive Dementia Care: Fewer Behaviors, Fewer Drugs provides family and professional caregivers with tools for dealing with difficult dementia-related behaviors.

This trio pack is rounded out with the UPDATED Riding a Rollercoaster With Lewy Body Dementia, the Whitworth's manual for caregivers of LBD patients.

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