Live Caregiver Seminars

The Whitworths are available to present classes or lectures, participate in seminars, or make informal visits to support groups.

They present to large or small audiences, professional or family caregivers, or any combination. PowerPoint slide presentations can last from 30 minutes to over an hour. Casual discussions can last for 30-45 minutes--or longer depending on audience participation.

Authors, Jim and Helen Whitworth

The Whitworths design their presentation to their audience. Their talks are tailored to anycombination of the following...and more:

  • basic LBD information, symptoms and treatment
  • comparisons with LBD and other disorders like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's
  • drug sensitivity and the need for alternative options
  • stress management for caregiver and loved one
  • the many types of non-drug management and alternative therapies available
  • dealing with difficult symptoms like hallucinations and delusions
  • engagement skills that make caregiving less stressful
  • the role Lewy bodies play in Parkinson's disease
  • the importance of caregiver care

Cost: Fees to present are nominal.

  • For anywhere that requires travel, their only fee is their travel costs.
  • When working with an organization, agency or church, they split fees 50% with the group.
  • For seminars, where there are more expenses and other speakers to pay, as with a seminar about a variety of alternative therapies, the cost will depend on expenses.

Availability: The Whitworth's schedule is fluid, depending on their commitments. If you'd like The Whitworths to come speak, contact them even if your location doesn't fit their schedule. You may be able to find a mutually acceptable date. They are usually:

  • in the Mesa-Phoenix area from October to June,
  • in California in early June and again in late September-early October
  • in Washington State from June through September


  • Advance notice of 14 to 30 days if possible
  • A table is provided for book displays
  • The Whitworths will bring books available for sale

Special organizational opportunity: Because The Whitworths self-publish Managing Cognitive Issues in Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia, they can print special editions of this with a page for your organization's information. Because you buy the books in bulk, you also get a discount on price. You can then sell these books at our events, or later.

  • Requirement: Order at least ten books at least a month prior to the event. Provide a page of information which can include one photo. (The Whitworths have the right to edit to fit the page.)
  • Cost: The extra page is FREE. Ten or more books are $18 each plus shipping costs. 

To Book a Live Seminar:

The seminars are for management, staff, caregiver employees and family member caregivers. Please give us an idea of how many staff / family members will attend

Presentation Materials

Our live appearances provide us with the opportunity to create updated and informative material that can be downloaded and used for your personal benefit. Many of the files are large and may require a specific program in order to open and read the file. Please pay attention to the notations regarding the specific file. If you view the file online, the document will open in a separate browser window.

Please do not attempt to download the files to a cellular device. While they may open, the images are far to large to view on a small screen. NOTE: The Power Point Presentation will require Microsoft's PowerPoint Program to open and view the presentation.

The following set of files were presented at the International Lewy Body Dementia Conference held June 24 - 26, 2019 in Las Vegas.

“Non-drug Approaches for Care Partners to Use When a Loved One Living with LBD has Behavioral Changes."

Presenters: Rosemary Dawson, Ed.D.; Helen Whitworth, MS, BSN; and Jim Whitworth, LBDA co-founder

Helpful Articles:

The LBDtools Learning Center
Non Drug Options
The Disorders
Resources and Links
The Dementia's
Being a Responsive Care Partner

A Special Caregiver's Offer!

This is a $62.85 Value for $52.85

The Caregivers Guide to Lewy Body Dementia by award winning authors Helen and James Whitworth is the first book to present a thorough picture of Lewy body dementia in everyday language.

Responsive Dementia Care: Fewer Behaviors, Fewer Drugs provides family and professional caregivers with tools for dealing with difficult dementia-related behaviors.

This trio pack is rounded out with the UPDATED Riding a Rollercoaster With Lewy Body Dementia, the Whitworth's manual for caregivers of LBD patients.

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