Parkinson's Disease

"Parkinson's Disease (PD)"

When Lewy bodies gather in the mid brain, where fine movement is controlled, the symptoms related to PD appear. Onset is usually in the 50's to 70's.

Parkinson's was first described as "shaking palsy" by Dr. Joseph Parkinson in 1817. Dr. William Gower drew this illustration of a man with PD in 1907. Symptoms include general Lewy body symptoms plus:

  • Common Lewy body symptoms, including hallucinations, known to be unreal (read more here)
  • Tremor, usually resting
  • Stiffness and rigidity
  • Slow walking
  • Poor posture and balance
  • Falls             

Treatment includes those useful with all Lewy body disorders with a special focus on: 


  • Drugs to increase mobility. Most common: carbidopa and levadopa (Sinemet).
  • Danger: With increase of Lewy bodies, PD drugs may affect cognition.
  • Solution: Physicians experiment with dosages find a balance between mobility and cognition. For more about Lewy-sensitive drugs, please click here. 


We have included several videos we feel relevant to caregivers gaining a better understanding of Parkinson's Disease.

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