Dementia Isn't Always Alzheimers

Dementia is a group of symptoms involving the loss of at least two cognitive abilities.

Cognitive abilities include:

  • Memory: Transferring information from short to long term memory
  • Executive skills: Thinking, planning, learning, doing things in order
  • Perceptional: Making sense of what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste

Other symptoms common to all dementia's include:

  • Slow thinking
  • Poor Impulse control

There are more than 70 types of dementia, but most are very rare. The most common are:

Treatment useful with all dementia's:


  • Dementia drugs are equally effective with most dementia's


In November 2011, Kenny Chesney received the news that his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. From that day forward, he was determined his father would not forget him nor would he forget his father. Kenny Chesney 's "While He Still Knows Who I Am" is exactly where many of you are right now and your journey to learn more begins. This is a beautiful tribute to all who are living with and dealing with any form of dementia.

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